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Are you Ready to LOOK GOOD NAKED?
Anyone can look good...Not everyone can LOOK GOOD NAKED!

You can...If you're Ready!

I've trained athletes, movie stars, TV Personalities, models, bodybuilders, Joe the Plummer and Jane the Soccer mom next door. So what are you waiting for? LET'S GET STARTED NOW!

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“Develop a personalized Fitness & Nutrition Program, based on YOUR Goals, YOUR Schedule and YOUR Commitment…most importantly, you get to be trained and coached by me personally!”



Over the past 20 years I have helped thousands of clients, seminar participants and readers of my monthly nutrition columns in the US and Australia, just like you, to change their lives by changing their bodies, their health and their lifestyles.

When you're ready to transform your body, we'll meet for a COMPLIMENTARY assessment to discus your goals and to see exactly what your needs are. If you choose to move forward I'll develop a personalized fitness and nutrition program, just for you.

”Prove to yourself that waiting is over, hoping is past, and that faith and action have now taken over.” --Jim Rohn

Don't bother calling me unless you're serious about getting results! If you're just looking for a buddy to pass time with at the gym, please call another trainer. I only work with clients who're serious about transforming their bodies. Most of my clients have usually tried everything else, including other trainers. Don't get me wrong, we will have fun together, however, I will hold you accountable to do the workouts and eat as agreed.

If you’re ready to change your life, experience healthy weight loss, shape up and begin a healthy eating habit, I am here at beautiful Playa Vista to be your personal health and wellness coach.

Dr. Del Millers
Your Resident Playa Vista Fitness & Nutrition Expert

Creator: 10-Minutes Today, 10-Minute Meals & 10-Minute Workout DVD Series
Author of 8 books on fitness & nutrition
Syndicated Nutrition Columnist in the United States & Australia
Professional Speaker & Educator

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"I was ready to give up before I met Dr. Del. His nutrition guidance made the difference for me. Within a year I went from 175 lbs to 135 lbs. Today I’m 117 lbs. I’ve maintained my weight for 12 years now, however, I still consult regularly with Dr. Del because he’s my inspiration."

--Catherine P, Culver City, California



How I can Help You...

•First, we'll sit down for a COMPLIMENTARY Consultation to clarify your short and long-term fitness goals.

•I'll design a Training program specifically for you, targeting your goals.

•Together, we'll develop a Personalized Meal Plan based on your lifestyle, daily schedule and goals.

•Next, we'll agree upon a realistic training schedule. Some days you'll train with me and some days by yourself.

•Finally, you'll pay me a lot of money and we'll get started.

Just kidding...My fees are really reasonable...Considering my 15 years experience, 3 Advance Fitness Trainer Certifications, PhD in Nutritional Sciences, and the invaluable experience gained from my years of competing in Natural Bodybuilding.

Therefore, everything I will share with you, I've already experimented and proven that it works on myself and hundreds of other clients just like you.

See, your timing is impeccable...You won't be a Guinea Pig. You're dealing with a Body Transformation Specialist!



"I weighed 225 lbs. when I started working with Dr. Del. For the past five years i've been 135 lbs. and loving it. More important than how I look is the fact that I'm a new person. I'm not only fitter and stronger than I've ever been, I'm also more active. Today I ski, hike and do over a hundred miles on my bike every week. I not only keep up with the boys, some of them are trying to keep up with me, yeah!"

--Joanne B, Marina Del Rey, California


To get results, you must learn to eat well and develop healthy eating habits, which require a Healthy Eating Plan…

During your first week on the program, my Transition Meal Plan is designed to help you slowly ease your way into your new habits. It doesn’t work to go from eating junk food everyday to eating all healthy foods everyday...this cold-turkey approach doesn’t work.

Therefore, each day for the first week we only focus on changing just one meal at a time. On day one we start with a healthy breakfast…the rest of the day you can eat whatever you want…

On day two we continue to eat our healthy breakfast and also focus on a healthy lunch…By the end of the week you’ll be easily eating three healthy meals and two healthy snacks.

During the second week of your healthy eating plan you will begin my 21-Day Detox program. This is a nutritional cleanse designed to:

  • rid the body of built up waste and toxins
  • boost your metabolism
  • improve blood circulation
  • reset your body’s systems for maximum fat-burning, proper nutrient assimilation and efficient waste management.

This is a whole food cleanse, therefore you will be eating real food. Your healthy eating diet will consist of:

  • complex high fiber carbohydrates…brown rice, yam, oatmeal, beans, peas, etc.
  • clean protein…egg whites, tofu, fish, seafood and lean turkey breast…
  • healthy fats…raw nuts, seeds, avocado, peanut/almond butter, flax seeds & fish oils…
  • lots of nutrient rich dark green leafy vegetables and fruits
  • 12-16 glasses of water daily
  • a fruit and vegetable capsule (Juiceplus) to add more high quality whole food nutrients to your healthy eating plan
  • cut your intake of caffeine, alcohol and all processed foods.

The final two phases of your healthy eating plan is a fitness nutrition plan and a fat loss plan. During this time I will teach you what to eat to increase your lean muscle mass and switch your body to fat-burning mode.

As a valuable client, you"ll also receive a copy of my Rapid Fatloss books:

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Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience by working with me…

Experience healthy weight loss

Develop a healthy eating plan

Develop a consistent and realistic exercise workout plan

Cleanse your body of years of built-up toxins

Improve your blood circulation

Dramatically boost your metabolism

Tone up your troubled areas…abs, glutes, thigh, etc.

Significantly reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease and other degenerative illness

Enhance your immune system

Learn simple techniques for quick healthy cooking

Learn the value of eating healthy for life

Shape Up

Learn how to eat healthy to lose weight and change your life

In addition, you will have me, Dr. Del Millers, as your personal health, wellness and nutrition coach. Plus you’ll be a part of my “healthy living” family. Join My Playa Vista Fitness Club today!




"I am forever grateful to Dr. Del for helping me to get into the best shape of my life. As a professional dancer, choreographer and performer being fit makes a huge difference. I still follow Dr. Del's nutrition program, especially the 10-minute recipes in his healthy eating cookbook."

--Joby M, Downey, California


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In good health,

Dr. Del Millers





To Inspire, Support and Encourage Personal Growth & Transformation through Healthy Living.


Dr. Del is a best-selling author, lecturer, Personal Coach and syndicated nutrition columnist in the US and Australia. He is also a Master Instructor in the ancient Chinese arts of Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan, a professional dancer and a drug-free bodybuilder.


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